Sustainable, non-dairy alternatives made from Kenari nuts

We make sustainable, vegan non-dairy products from nutritious and naturally-grown Indonesian Kenari nuts. Enjoy the incredible taste and become a sustainability hero by simply… eating!

Healthy and nutritious

Kenari nuts contain minerals, vitamins and omega-acids


None of the ingredients we use are derived from genetically modified sources

Gluten & lactose-free

Our products are plant-based and do not contain gluten or lactose


Kenari nuts are naturally grown and are suitable for sustainable agricultural practices

Supporting farmers and communities

Kenari nuts are suitable for interplanting schemes of crops that can provide a rapid return to farmers

Protecting the ecosystem

Canarium trees protect the local eco-system and have a high potential for carbon sequestration

Why we're focused on sustainability


of the world’s population regularly consumes liquid milk or other dairy products


million dairy cows in the world


where tropical rainforest deforestation carbon emissions would rank, if it were a country


years until 2050 when the world has agreed to reach global carbon neutrality

What are Kenari nuts?

Delicious and nutritious!

Canarium nut is a large tree native to humid lowland zones of Eastern Indonesia. Canarium nut, also called Kenari nut, is found in lowland rainforest, secondary forest, old garden areas and it is widely planted around villages.

In addition to taste and texture that are just perfect to offer the mouthfeel of dairy (minus the milk), Kenari nuts are a rich source of vitamins and minerals and are particularly high in Magnesium, Phosphorus, Manganese, Copper, Zinc, Iron and B vitamins. 


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More about FairFlavor

What is FairFlavor?

We are an innovative start-up that produces non-dairy alternatives made from Indonesian Kenari nuts and other natural ingredients

Why is FairFlavor unique?

We join the passion for food, science and technology to enhance texture and flavor and a sustainability centric approach

What products will FairFlavor sell?

Cheese, desserts panna cotta style and ice creams

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