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About FairFlavor

FairFlavor was started after two childhood Italian friends, passionate about food (and especially cheese) caught up on the phone as their professional lives had taken them to different continents. 

During that conversation they realised they could leverage their education in food science, career experience, love for cheese, and a keen interest in developing sustainable solutions, to create a product with superior taste whilst making a positive impact in the world.

They wanted to create a product that not only offered food with a nutritious and superior taste, but would also have a positive impact on local communities and help contribute to the battle against climate change.

We found the answer in a nut!

Nutritious and superior taste

We found the answer to our question in a novel nut from the Indonesian rainforest, rich in nutrients, naturally grown and part of the existing ecosystem so doesn’t involve destroying rainforests to create agricultural land.

Preventing climate change

Tropical forests play a large role in climate change, they are home to about 25% of the world’s carbon and are home to wildlife. 

Indonesia ranks as the world’s 3rd largest tropical rainforest and yet is one of the fastest undergoing deforestation. The scale of destruction of Indonesia’s rainforests is so large that it is now having significant impacts on the global climate.

Rainforest and peatland ecosystems store billions of tons of carbon, and their demolition releases huge emissions into the atmosphere. Indonesia is now the world’s third-largest emitter of greenhouse gasses with 85% of its emissions profile coming from rainforest and peatland degradation and loss.

Empowering local communities

At FairFlavor we believe there is no sustainable business that doesn’t take into account the needs of local communities. These native species grow in the vicinity of villages and settlements to protect them from typhoons and hurricanes. Due to climate change, hurricanes are becoming more devastating and these trees act as a wind-breaker.

They also provide income from intercropped crops. They are also a great opportunity to close the gender gap and empower Indonesian women in agriculture, which represents almost half of the agricultural households, as catalysts for long-term benefits to their families and communities in activities that help restore tropical forests and fight climate change.

A new beginning

Six months after their first conversation FairFlavor is now a reality and ready to start this incredible journey to help you drive change and pick up the sustainability challenge through food.